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June 2024

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Dr. Ritu Gontiya MD(Hom) & Dr. Shailja Upadhyay MD (Hom), With these 14 years of collaboration and experience, The Health Capital has a team of highly qualified female Doctors with special training in nutrition, diet, and counseling. We have the Best Doctors for females’ mental, emotional, and psychological problems. We have the best lady Doctors who have excellent knowledge to treat the emotional problems of females. We have a team of expert doctors for female sexual complaints and the Best female health consultant and female sexual health consultant to understand the core emotions and physical problems which cause various sexual problems in females.

The Health Capital is an exceptional team of highly qualified homeopathic doctors/gynecologists to handle the patient with their vast knowledge and give a safe, effective and permanent solution for their problems.

Just as other system of human body requires smooth functioning for our well being so is our sexual system. Although it is very important yet sexual problems are often not talked about and sexual problems in female are hardly give any consideration. A healthy sexual functioning is very important to have a passionate interpersonal relationship between partners.

A perfect sex life gives mental as well as physical satisfaction necessary for perfect wellbeing. Satisfactory sexual performance is desired by all but enjoyed by few. Loss of intimacy, decrease sexual interest, no desire for sexual act are the common sexual problems in females.

And main culprits behind sexual problems in female are mental stress, any chronic illness, aging, smoking ,quality of relationship, past bad experience ,vaginal dryness or pelvic inflammatory disease commonly called as PID or any sexually transmitted disease (STD) etc but apart from these our busy schedule and complex lifestyle leads to infrequent sex and unmet sexual desires which cause emotional distress and depression in females.

Monotonous sex life leads to no excitement for sexual indulgence and aversion to sexual intercourse. Patients suffer from difficulty in sexual arousal, medically called sexual arousal disorder, where the individual does not respond to sexual stimulation, leading to no orgasm. Females do not attain orgasm after having sufficient sex. This problem is called anorgasmia or lack of orgasm leading to dissatisfied sexual performance. These problems need a sexologist for women to help them.

Women’s low sex drive and low libido are often a mental and social stigma. However, with homeopathic treatment for sexual problems in females, excellent results or a satisfactory sex life can be achieved. Poor sexual performance, anxiety before sex, fear before sex, sadness after sex, etc. That’s why treatment of sexual problems is very necessary.

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The specialist offers in-depth expertise on various issues, counsels couples on how to communicate honestly, raises couples’ comfort levels when discussing sex issues, and offers pharmaceuticals that treat bodily malfunctions linked to sexual dysfunction. A female sexologist manages the entire course of treatment with sex education, therapy sessions, correcting false beliefs, comprehensive care, improving couple communication, and prescribing potent Ayurvedic drugs. Therefore, if you do not experience intense pleasure in your sexual life, choose the appropriate clinic and seek professional assistance to live a healthy sexual life. 
The Heath Capital is different from everyone else by providing the best lady sexologist and psychosexual counsellor, which makes it more comfortable for a woman to share her problems and provides sexologist online consultation. A lady sexologist can make the patient more comfortable sharing her problems, and also, women can prefer their comfortable timings and space.

The Health Capital has safe and effective treatment for sexual problems in females. We advise regular exercise, a balanced diet, good sleeping hours, stress reduction tips, and sensual stimulation medicines for a healthy sexual life. We also provide services like female sexologist online consultation and sexual dysfunction treatment for women. Keeping in mind the comfort and privacy of females. We have started this online treatment platform exclusively for females.

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Don’t worry, We got you covered. We understand the discomfort and fear of getting judged. We bring our highly qualified and experienced female doctors here at THE HEALTH CAPITAL.

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Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh
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Dr. Ritu is the most amazing doctor's I have come across in terms of female consultation . She is patient and has good ears to listen to your problem. Most importantly she also empathises with the patients and also details about their ailments. Usually, she responds within 5-7 mins. Her treatment worked for me. Heads up for her excellent services!!
Vandana Bisht
Vandana Bisht
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Best experience with the health capital doctor. Dr. Shailja listens to you very patiently and has sound knowledge of medicine. I am very happy with her service and behaviour. I would suggest everyone to consult her.
Yashoda Patwal
Yashoda Patwal
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Best Dr Ever... for all the consultants especially in the second Covid wave THE HEALTH CAPITAL DR. Save my life, And Personal me and my whole family members taking there consultant and results are quick and best out of other. Must try For the best results.
Chandni Jha
Chandni Jha
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I have been taking treatment from Doctor Ritu myself and my family is very happy with the doctor's treatment and her kind support.
Kamla Rawat
Kamla Rawat
Read More
I have taken treatment from the Doctors of the health capital for my hair fall. I am happy with the way they deal with my problems. With their medicines and guidance, I got miraculous results.
Agamdeep Singh
Agamdeep Singh
Read More
I took consultancy from Doctor many times, always with satisfying treatment for my whole family. I suggest you give them a chance.


Most frequent questions and answers

You should visit a sexual health clinic at least twice a year to get all the checks done.

You should consult a sexologist when you are facing problems with your sex life. You can find the best sexologist online consultation at The Health Capital.

Yes, you can talk to a therapist about sexuality at The Health Capital. There is a sexuality therapist for sexual problems in females, as well as online consultation and sexual dysfunction treatment for women.

Causes for sexual difficulties can be physical factors such as diseases and hormonal factors as well. If you are facing any issues, you should take treatment for sexual problems.

You can get a highly qualified lady sexologist at The Health Capital. Book your appointment now at –

To know more about your sexual health, you can take a free sexual health test by The Health Capital.


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